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Entrance Exam

The company AFR VIRTUEL, is happy to welcome you into it’s Recruitment Area. Your registration will happen in several stages. This procedure purposes is not to discourage you in your step. Into our company, our goal is to get closer from reality.

Nobody would expect integrate an Airline Company without going through an exam. AFR VIRTUEL is a virtual company opened to everyone where everybody can having pleasure to do his passion : Flying Simulation !

You will find below the differents stages necessary for your registration. It is imperative to follow these steps ONE by ONE. In case of difficulty, it is possible to contact us via the page “Contact Us” on the website.

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Rules                   FAQ



40 questions about the following topics
- Rules and regulations of the company
- Aviation general knowledge
- IFR basics
- ATC Transmissions
- Role play questions

Test duration : 30 minutes



Entrance exam scale :
beetween 0% and 50% : Application denied

( You have to wait 15 days to try again)
beetween 50% and 90% : OPL CC/MC (Short & Medium-Haul)
beetween 90% and 100% :OPL LC



  • You can attempt this exam only once by user. If you fail the entrance exam, you have to wait 15 days before take another exam.
  • A continue internet connexion is required during the exam.
  • Don't forget to click "save" button in bottom of each page of exam to record all of your answer.
  • It's not necessary to contact-us to ask for the recruitment session openning date, you can suscribe to our AlertME service in top of this page to be notified when recruitment is open. You can also follow-us in our  facebook page to have more details.


From 5th to 21st October 2018

 To Attempt Entrance Exam in French click here 


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